The Ramon V. del Rosario Awards is made possible by collaborative efforts of various organizations who aim to provide the right recognition to key players of building our nation. Inspired by the legacy of RVR himself, our partners have put forth tremendous efforts from the selection process up to the last details leading to the awarding event.


PHINMA is a proudly Filipino conglomerate that seeks to make lives better and build the nation through successfully run and profitable businesses while remaining consistent with our  our core values of Integrity, Patriotism, Competence and Professionalism.

The PHINMA Group's Mission is to help build our Nation through competitive and well-managed business enterprises that enable Filipinos to attain a better quality of life.  With professional and effective management as our distinctive edge, we aim to give communities, not only in the Philippines but wherever else we might find the need, improved access to the essentials of a dignified life.  

In the pursuit of our Mission, we look to our tradition, our experience, our reputation, and above all, our people, as the principal factors that enable us to achieve our lofty goals.  The PHINMA Group endeavors to demonstrate that private business can mutually serve the needs of society and the aspirations of shareholders.

Today, with over 60 years of experience in managing various enterprises, the PHINMA group is focused on education, construction materials, housing, hotels and other related sectors.  PHINMA Corporation is our publicly listed company with the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) under the trading symbol PHN.


JCI Manila is the first and premier leadership development organization in the Philippines and in Asia.

JCI Manila is an association formed to develop the leadership abilities of young men, aged 18 to 40, through community service activities. In JCI, one learns to interact proficiently with fellow members, many of whom assume high positions in government and business. It is also in JCI that many learn how to speak well in public, conduct meetings, motivate peers, campaign effectively, communicate ideas skillfully, deal with all sorts of people, and organize a gamut of worthy projects that would benefit the community at large. Membership in JCI Manila is open to everyone, regardless of nationality or creed, for as long as he belongs to the 18-36 age bracket (inclusive) and possesses good moral character.

JCI Manila was formed primarily to fill the need to properly channel the energies and idealism of the Filipino youth into an organization that undertakes activities and projects that would eventually rebound to benefit the community as a whole. The Chamber's very first project, the cleaning up of the City of Manila from the debris of World War Il, immediately propelled the JCI Manila into national prominence that not only attracted scions from prominent families all over the country to join, but also made the organization a major player in government policy-making.

Throughout its sixty-four years of existence, JCI Manila could boast of the fact that it has developed a long roster of successful business and government leaders who have assumed positions of importance in the Philippine society. Of course, being the first JCI organization in Asia, it has carried the distinction of organizing the nucleus of the Philippine Jaycees with its first twelve chapters in the country on February 11, 1949. The Jaycee chapters in Japan, India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Indonesia all started with JCI Manila.

Moreover, as a leadership organization devoted to community service, JCI Manila started many projects that until now create positive change.

The AIM-Ramon V. del Rosario, Sr. Center for Corporate Social Responsibility (RVR CSR Center) was officially launched in July 2000 as a research and program initiative of the Asian Institute of Management. The main thrust of the Center is the management of corporate citizenship relative to the competitiveness of corporations and its impact on society. The Center promotes corporate responsibility through case-writing, research, survey research, investigative research, program development, executive education training and local and regional conferences.

Two of the major challenges that the Center faces are to engage firms and industries in Asia in Corporate Responsibility as a core business strategy and to expand Corporate Responsibility as fundamental to doing business in a globalized economy.

The Center is named after Ambassador Ramon V. del Rosario, Sr. founding trustee of the Asian Institute of Management and founder and Chairman of the PHINMA Group in the Philippines. The major institutional sponsors of the RVR CSR Center are the Phinma Group. Ford Foundation, Asian Bank, AB Capital & Investment Corporation, and SGV & Company. Individual sponsors include, Mr. Washington SyCip and Mr. Jose L. Cuisia Jr.

Various researches have been undertaken in both these areas including its impact and relevance to Asian corporations and Asian society. This knowledge has been infused into the curriculum of the programs of the Asian Institute of Management through the development of case studies, original research, training and surveys.

The RVR CSR Center is one of the first research centers in the region concentrating on corporate responsibility issues and is in the process of the establishing and creating its own network in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, connecting and collaborating with counterpart organizations throughout the region, The Center's aim is to bring visibility to the Institute through its regional conferences and research. Through its work, the Center hopes to be recognized by the business community and by its regional counterparts as an authority in its fields of expertise.


"In 2011, De La Salle University accorded honor and prestige to one of its distinguished alumni by attaching Ramon V. del Rosario to its biggest college - the College of Business. The late RVR was a Lasallian from grade school to college. He was a visionary in the field of management. He adapted modern business methods at PHINMA and opened FilOil, the first Filipino oil refinery. He ventured in the public sphere by becoming an ambassador to Canada, Germany, and Japan. He was also the founding president of the Manila Jaycees and headed various charities such as the Smokey Mountain Foundation and Caritas Manila.

Similarly, the business and management programs of DLSU have always been at the forefront of both theory and practice. Graduates of the RVR-COB become highly successful entrepreneurs, managers, and executives. Part-time faculty members who hail from industry provide the much-needed inputs from practice while full-time faculty members advance management knowledge through research and learner-centered teaching methodologies. The College of Business has been and will continue to be at the forefront of management learning in the country, in Asia, and in the world. Hopefully, this thrust becomes more concrete now that the college has an iconic exemplar in the person of RVR.

This year, De La Salle University RVR-COB, in cooperation with PHINMA and Junior Chamber International Manila, recognizes youth leaders who have demonstrated a positive impact on society thru exceptional leadership in innovative initiatives in organizing and managing sustainable business or social enterprises or programs that make the lives of their community better. Through the inaugural Ramon V. del Rosario Siklab Awards, which was inspired by the annual Ramon V. Del Rosario Award for Nation Building, we hope that it will continue to inspire young Filipinos to become forefront nation builders through sustainable social enterprises that make lives in their community, and ultimately society, better."