Composed of the RVR Award for Nation Building and Siklab Awards, THE RVR AWARDS aims to shine the spotlight on notable individuals who have made a positive impact in the country.


This annual prestigious awards is given to those who are established leaders, displays entrepreneurial spirit, embodies a passion to make lives better, and has a commitment to nation building.



The RAMON V. DEL ROSARIO SR, AWARD FOR NATION BUILDING is a project of Junior Chamber International Manila (formerly, Manila Jaycees, Inc.), in cooperation with the Asian Institute of Management’s Center for Corporate Social Responsibility, with the purpose of recognizing individuals who best exemplify outstanding corporate citizenship and have an underlying passion for nation-building. These achievements should be manifested through a keen focus in performing activities considered within the ambit of CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, all of which were passions, traits and characteristics exemplified by the late Ambassador.

This annual award hopes to recognize men and women who have proven themselves worthy of honor and emulation, and should demonstrate such outstanding traits as Entrepreneurial Spirit, National or Global Impact, Corporate Citizenship and Social Responsibility.

The award is named in honor of Junior Chamber International Manila’s founding president and the acknowledged "Father of Philippine Modern Industry." With its grand launch in September 2009, it aims to be the premier awards program of Junior Chamber International Manila, as it celebrates six decades of providing development opportunities for young people to create positive change within their communities.


The brass trophy designed and sculpted by Juan Sajid Imao shows a unique edifice comprised of stylized blocks to depict Ambassador Ramon del Rosario l's successful work in nation-building despite the obstacles.

The differently angled sides symbolize the many facets and exemplary achievements of RVR-as a successful leader with integrity, an inspiring nation-builder, a dedicated civic leader, and a simple and honorable man who believes that "great accomplishments will come without compromise to one's ideals and principles." The base is made of a combination of cement and resin fiber mat to symbolize RVR's significant role in laying a strong foundation for the rise of Philippine industry.

Upon closer look, one will discover that the trophy components form Ambassador del Rosario’s initials on all sides. This is also to symbolize that by seeing differently from other entrepreneurs, RVR was able to pursue a vision that has positively changed the course of the Philippine Industry.


The Ramon V. Del Rosario Siklab Awards is about the spark that is the youth of today. It’s about the leadership they exhibit in their own field and the impact they create in society. They are trailblazers despite their young age. They light the path for other young leaders to follow suit.

The Ramon V. Del Rosario SIKLAB Awards are looking for individuals who are (1) established leaders, (2) displays entrepreneurial spirit, (3) embodies a passion to make lives better, and (4) has a commitment to nation building.

This new award also takes its inspiration from the leaders of the past, specifically PHINMA founder – Ramon V. del Rosario. RVR is one of the Philippine’s most iconic entrepreneurial forces. He was the First Filipino General Manager of IBM Philippines, the first Filipino Executive Vice President of Philam Life, the first president of the Manila Junior Chamber of Commerce and the first Junior Chamber International World President from Asia. 

He also contributed to education, the government and to philanthropic endeavors. He persuaded Harvard Business School to bring their Advanced Management Program here. He was an ambassador to Canada, Germany and Japan. He established the Smokey Mountain Foundation and its Restorative Prison Justice System. He also sent underprivileged kids to school through the PHINMA Foundation.

RVR ushered in top-notch businesses recognized the world over and helped change the nation for the better. That’s why he serves as a great role model for the youth of today.