In a letter acknowledging the RVR Award Board of Judges and JCI that he would be happy to accept this year's Ambassador Ramon V. del Rosario Award for Nation   Building, Vicente T. Paterno condensed over fifty years of achievements thus:

"I was an engineer, employee, government functionary, senator and businessman at various periods in my life."



"In 1956, I became part of PHINMA's team of consultants on one of its first and most durable consultancy projects Bacnotan Cement. I was made General Manager in 1958, moved to another firm in 1962 to improve my finance experience, and was recruited in 1964 to be Treasurer of Meralco. From 1970-1980, I worked in government. In 1982, I found Philippine Seven Corporation to be my retirement business. I had to ask my brother-in-law to handle it in 1986 so I could work for President Cory. A year after I heeded her request to run for Senator. In 1992, I returned to Philippine Seven as its Chairman. "



The summation is brief and unembellished a straightforward, honest telling about an exemplary life and an outstanding professional career that speaks for itself - much like the man himself a simple, straightforward man of integrity whose one boast is that he has made decisions "not because it was popular but because he thought it was right. "

These decisions have made for a personal life and professional career that have not only been distinguished but unblemished and have made for a life that is full and fulfilled... be it as a someone who has made an impact on the community, the country or the world; an entrepreneur; or a corporate citizen intent on helping small businesses through his MASICAP projects.